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Privacy Policies are required BY LAW for every website. It helps protect you and the people who visit your website!

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You already know you're legally required to have a Privacy Policy in place on your website.


And you already know a free Privacy Policy template won't hold up if there are any disputes.


But you ALSO know you don't want to spend the HOURS of your precious time trying to decide what's legit and what's false advertising.


And you DEFINITELY don't want to spend the THOUSANDS of dollars it would take to have an attorney like Steve draft a Privacy Policy for you.


But you might be wondering what the Privacy Policy page ACTUALLY DOES!


Totally normal!


After all, most veteran entrepreneurs (let alone new coaches, bloggers, or freelancers) are often so confused about what they need to protect their business.


We see comments like this all the time!


"I have been having so much trouble doing the legal pages by myself. I don't know where to start and I don't know what's true and what's not!"


"I've been soooooo stressed about finding the right legal documents for my online business. The free ones seem super sketchy but I've seen attorneys charge between $700 and $2,000 for the page. With all the other stuff I'm paying for as start up costs, I just don't have those kinds of resources to pay for that."


"I don't want my business to have any legal liability issues when I'm starting out. I want to protect my business before anything can happen, but I also don't want to spend $1,000+. "


And that is EXACTLY why we wanted to create a Privacy Policy template for you!


Without a quality privacy policy (and knowing a few important duties and responsibilities), you put yourself at risk of violating countless laws across the world regarding data privacy.


Gathering people’s data (and every website gathers data) means you must take certain steps to explain that process and protect the data.


Without taking those few simple steps, you put yourself at senseless risk of legal liability


Having a legitimate Privacy Policy is VITAL for protecting your business.


It reveals what kind of information you're gathering from your users as well as how you intend to use that information.


And it's legally required because you are getting access to people's private and personal information that can identify them. So they have the right to know how you gather it and how you're going to use it.


But if you don't have the Privacy Policy set up for your business, you will be leaving it unprotected!


You can be audited by the FTC or Information Commissioner's Office (a subsidiary of the European Data Protection Board) and you could be fined up to 4% of your global annual turnover!


Without it, you would be at risk for lawsuits and other legal disputes!


I mean, imagine waking up to a lawsuit...


Spending years of your precious time...


Tens of thousands of your hard-earned income (if not more!)...


And so much stress...


That would affect you, your business, and your family...


All because you didn't take the time to put up a real Privacy Policy page on your website.


Just doesn't seem worth it, right?


We know you're not the kind of person to chance it.


Not with everything you've got on the line.


Who's the Lawyer Behind the Templates?

We're Steve and Marissa Paysinger, the brother and sister team at Entrepreneur Contracts. Steve is the attorney bringing the experience in law and Marissa brings the experience in entrepreneurship and marketing.


Steve graduated from the Michigan State University School of Law in 2016 after working as law clerk since 2005. In Law School, Steve not only was a member of the Moot Court, but he was also on the Dean's list. He's licensed to practice law in Colorado and he continues to practice law full-time.


One of his favorite things about being a lawyer is helping people translate the "legalese" into something they can understand and helping people protect themselves.

After spending time building her copywriting company and blog, Marissa realized just how many small online businesses need someone to turn to for legal information.


Every time she built a website or created a contract with a client or made a course, she would have Steve make sure it looked right.


But when she listened to the struggles of the other course creators, coaches, and freelancers in her network, she realized how much of a maze the legal side of business is for most entrepreneurs.

After all, not everyone has a brother who has spent the past 12 years in law!


She finally convinced Steve how much other entrepreneurs needed reliable, accurate, and affordable information about the legal side of business and together we created Entrepreneur Contracts.


What You Can Expect

Simple & Effective Customization


We design all of our templates with your business' time and money in mind. There are a few highlighted fields for you to fill out and then they will be distributed throughout the rest of the form! There instructions and instant downloads available so you can start using the template right away!

Drafted by a Top Lawyer


Our templates have been drafted and reviewed by a Top 40 Under 40 Lawyer, so you can rest easy knowing your business is protected. We also provide updates for your templates whenever there is a major or important change in the law - completely free of any additional charge

Eliminate Overwhelm


Caught between scraping some free template off the internet and paying a lawyer a small fortunate to ensure your small business and website are protected? Meet the 21st century solution: our templates designed to make compliance and protect easy, without all the hassle and expense

“I’ve always worried about how the laws of the US and around the world could affect my online business and my bottom line. Steve at Entrepreneur Contracts helped me put those fears to rest with their awesome autofill templates made specially for online entrepreneurs. Those templates made it so easy to get a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclaimer set up on my website and know that I’m protecting my business and putting the law on my side as best as possible.” 

Jeremy Bass, Owner & Founder of Cybertron Electronics

What's Included in the Privacy Policy Template?

The GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy ($1,000 Value)


Each website and business is required by law to have a PRIVACY POLICY.

The privacy policy is a statement that provides the visitors and other users with information about the kinds of data you collect and how you use it for your business. The LAW REQUIRES YOU TO DISCLOSE THIS INFORMATION ON YOUR WEBSITE!

When people visit your website, you are granted access to a variety of different identifying personal information. They have a legal right to know how you collect this data and how you use the information.

To comply with Privacy Laws you need to have a CCPA and GDPR compliant privacy policy to protect you from lawsuits. Many federal laws and a number of states like California require it. The FTC can audit your information and privacy protection and if you do not have a compliant Privacy Policy, you can be fined!

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Privacy Policy Template

$97.00 USD

GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

One of the essential legal pages you need for your business' website. You can rest easy knowing your online business is protected with the GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy. 

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