A Lawyers' Opinion: What Every Business Owner Needs to Consider

If you’re putting yourself out there online, you’ll want to think about how the law might affect what you do.

Without taking a look at a few simple considerations, you’d be putting yourself at such a substantial risk that it wouldn’t be worth moving forward for any truly worthwhile venture.

So, what are those steps or considerations that someone should take?

Business Structure:

Are you a freelancer?

Maybe you hire freelances.

Do you have a freelancer agreement or independent contractor template that you use to specify the conditions of your work?

Maybe you’re thinking about protecting yourself by forming some of limited liability company or corporation, so your own personal assets aren’t on the line?

Without at least taking into consideration the structure of your business, you run the risk of decisions being made for you.

Intellectual Property

Your branding and content are more important than ever, and how you protect your image is a foundational element of any firmly established businesses.

Trademarks, copyrights, patents – sometimes all working in unison – create a framework that allow people to protect their brands, artistic creations, or novel inventions.


Without good records, your entire business can come apart.

Keeping quality records, whether in house or outsourced to a bookkeeper or accountant, will help protect you from being scrutinized by the IRS or other similar state bodies.

The last thing you want is a notice on your door saying you’re being audited. That’s enough to make your heart drop

Accessibility and Inclusivity: in today’s world, it’s important to take steps to allow as many individuals as possible to be able to access your content or business.

That means a few simple steps such as alt text or video descriptions can go a long way for making sure your website and products comply with the ADA and other similar legislation

Terms, Disclaimers, and Privacy Policies

The modern era can be defined by litigation and data gathering.

With proper terms, conditions, and disclaimers, you can protect yourself from sue-happy plaintiffs.

By knowing privacy policy requirements and how to take simple steps to care for your customers or client’s data, you can go a long way in defending yourself from would-be lawsuits.

This might sound like a pain in the rear.

And I’m going to be 100% honest with you – some if it is pretty bland and boring.

But I’ll also be 100% honest in saying that it’s worth the time, effort, and money to think about the law before you dive into starting a business – because the law has a way of finding people who don’t comply with it.



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